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Money spells guaranteed to work – money spells that work overnight

MONEY SPELLS THAT WORK OVERNIGHT – INSTANT MONEY SPELLS People who seek money immediately ask for help and I respond back in the best possible manner. Each person has a unique and an individualistic demand or need for money hence it’s not possible for me to send a common reply to every request made to me. I want you to write to me in details and explain your troubles so I can clearly understand your present situation/condition and sort things out for you almost immediately. Its obvious to me that the ones who ask for money spells that work immediately are […]

Revenge spells that won’t backfire

REVENGE SPELLS THAT WON`T BACKFIRE Consider the person in question, and especially their shortcomings in totality. Now consider their higher self as well, and how they are totally failing to living up to being anything like that. Now, choose a POSITIVE QUALITY that if it was bestowed on this person, would create maximum conflict and damage in their lives. For example, a vicious drug dealer who exploits people would have a really hard time of it if they were to develop a conscience, all of a sudden. Or if their heart was to open to love and understanding, or if they were to […]

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